I'm passionate about birds since my 8 years old, it all began when my parents took me to see a raptors show in the south of France. Since I have become totally addicted and have developed my interest in all species. I try to travel as much as possible to discover and learn more about these beautiful animals and this beautiful nature that surrounds us.
Former head of the group of young ornithological group and natural sciences of Morges (GOS), I also participate in the project of bird banding at Col de Jaman as a bander.

I quickly wanted to bring back a memory of my observations, so i began the photo with digiscoping. But I quickly wanted to move to a higher quality with reflexes. So I bought my first camera in 2006, an EOS 30D with an EF-L 100-400mm canon lens. Since, I have opted for a more powerful material and currently I work with:

Camera :

  - Canon EOS 1D X

  - Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Lens :

  - Canon EF-L 500mm F4  

  - Canon EF-L 300mm F2.8 ii

  - Canon EF-L 100mm F2.8

  - Canon EF-L 17-40mm F4

  - Canon EF 50mm F1.8

I wish you a good visit and Ihope you will like to discover my pictures!